Friday, May 26, 2006

PROJECT SIX: Werewolf #1

Werewolf #1

This is one of the first projects in Dick Smith's book, and is a notably simple one. All it requires is brown and black makeup, storebought novelty teeth, crepe hair, and spirit gum. Voila, you have a very traditional looking movie werewolf, albeit an old-fangled one, from back in the day when monsters were created mostly through gresepaint and not through latex attachments. It looks quite good, though:

Dick Smith Werewolf #1

Firsyly, let's talk about crepe hair. It's an essential of makeup design, and is available from any reputably costume shop, and can also be easily ordered over the internet. It's a woolen fiber woven into neat little braids, and it quite inexpensive. You're not going to be able to do this one without the crepe hair, so run out and get some.

Crepe hair

Got it? Well, let's get started.

STEP ONE: Apply brown greasepaint

Simply smudge it around the side of your face with your thumb or finger so that it looks like tiger stripes, or, perhaps, whispy werewolf hair. Once you have done this to the entire perimeter of your face, use the brown greasepaint to darken the area around your eyes and to darken the tip of your nose.

Step one Added color

STEP TWO: Make a scary face and then fill in the wrinkles

Just make a face like you are very angry, then use the brown greasepaint and a brush to paint all those little lines.

Step two: Make a face Angry face

STEP THREE: Add detail using black makeup

Use either black greasepaint or a black eyeliner. Darken and extend the eyebrows into a scruffy, devilish arch, and color a black triangle under the chin.

Step three: Added details Addition of a wig

STEP FOUR: Add the crepe hair

Just take some of it off the braid, fluff it out, and use spirit gum to glue it to the sides of the face as though they were oversized, shaggy porkchop sideburns. Also, add a triangle of spirit gum to the forehead extending from the hairline (or, in Max's case, the wig line) down to the tip of the nose like some huge widow's peak. Add some novelty teeth (max's were held in place with gum, and were made of sugar!) and you've got a werewolf!

Step four: Add crepe hair Add more hair and teeth

Here's what the completed Werewolf #1 looks like!

The completed werewolf

See werewolf #1 in action!

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Fangtastic job. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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