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PROJECT FIVE: Martian #1

Martian #1

Dick smith's Martian make-up has a lot of little steps to it, but it's a pleasantly simple bit of makeup design, consisting of just three elements: A small rubber or ping pong ball for the eyes, a large rubber ball for the head, and some makeup for the face. But with these simple elements, Smith has designed a rather classic-looking space alien:

Dick Smith's Martian 1

Let's start out by making the eyes, which are made in exactly the way the eyes were made for The Weird-Oh:

STEP ONE: Cut a rubber ball or ping pong ball in half

Dicks Smith actually suggests using plasic egg trays, like the sort you would take on a camping trip, but the one's Max and Courtney have found have not been suitable, so they have instead used a white rubber ball from a surplus store. Simply cut it in half.

Step One: Make the eyes Cut the ball in half

STEP TWO: Shape the bisected ball

As it is, the ball halves won't fit your face very well. You will need to cut the sides off somewhat to fit the shape of your face. Trim the sides a little, then put them against your face, and then trim them some more until they are a good fit.

Trim the ball halves Completed rubber ball half

STEP THREE: Cut a small eye hole

Just use an Exacto Blade to cut a small hole in the center of each rubber ball half. Place them over your face to make sure that you are able to see through them. Be warned, thoug: Your vision will be severely constrained wearing these.

Cut eye hole

STEP FOUR: Paint the eyes

Max used ordinary tempra poster paints bought for a few dollars. Paint the whole thing white, and then use black to paint the pupils and the lightining bolt-shapes running along the sides of the eyes, while using red to paint the sunburst pattern around the pupil and the lines around the perimeter of the false eye. Spray with spray sealant or simply cover with Mod Podge to make sure the paints stay fast.

Paint the eyes

Now that we have made the eyes, let's let them dry while we create the giant martian head. This is an even simple process.

STEP FIVE: Cut a slit in a rubber ball

The ball should be a little larger than your head. Cut a slit large enough to stick your head into the ball.

Step two: Make the alien head

STEP SIX: Trim the ball to fit your head

Just place the thing on your head and trim it down until you like it's size and shape. Make sure you cut out little slots for your ears!

Cut the rubber ball to git your head

STEP SEVEN: Apply makeup

Max and Courtney pretty much went with Dick Smith's original design, starting with a base coat of green greasepaint and then adding white greasepaint highlights. Use powder to set.

Step three: use make-up to create the alien face Cover the entire face with your base coat

Add detail Shape the face

Finally, we used some black greasepaint for some of the details.

Add details

STEP EIGHT: Affix the eyes

You just glue them into place using spirit gum or liquid latex, then use your black greasepaint to paint circles around the eyes and arched eyebrows.

Step four: Attach eyes

Now, with the alien head placed over Max's, and with the addition of a pink, Op art-patterned Nehru jacket, here is our completed Martian #1:

The completed Martian

See the Martian in action!

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At 8:23 AM, Blogger Gabriel said...

This is great! Another blog I'll have to keep up with.
Cool martian.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Da Weave said...

found you through Boing Boing. What a great series. I grew up with FM and always wanted to get that Dick Smith book. Cool to see it being put to the test. The stuff really looks great. Thanks.


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Johnny Jaywalker said...

you`re out of your fuckin mind you know that right


At 11:40 AM, Blogger matt p said...

via BoingBoing again.

Another good thing to use for eyes is two tea strainers. Take two cheap plastic tea strainers (99p each here in the UK) and use the mesh bowls as eyes. You can see through them quite well. Maybe you could do 'The Fly' next...


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