Sunday, May 14, 2006

PROJECT TWO: Collodion Scars

The Kraken

One of Dick Smith's suggested make-up purchases is something called "rigid" or "non-flexible" Collodion, which he demonstrates to great effect in his book. Here is Dick Smith's sample of Collodion scarring:

Dick Smith's Collodion Scars

Gross! How could we resist?

STEP ONE: Buy some Collodion

Make sure it says "rigid" or "non-flexible," though, or it won't work. Many theatrical make-up and costume stores carry version specifically meant to be used for this purpose, such as the mehron brand that we bought at out favorite local make-up store, Twin Cities Magic and Costume in St. Paul.


STEP TWO: Apply the Collodion

If the Collodion comes with a brush, use that, but a makeup brush, paint brush, or even a cotton ball will do the trick. Put it on in a jagged line, and make sure not to get any in your eyes -- the stuff is very irritating. As it dries, you will feel it tugging on your skin very slightly. Sometimes it helps to add an additional coat. Don't put any on your eyelashes or other facial hair, as it can hurt coming off. Additionally, while some books suggest pinching the skin together over the Collodion and letting them stick in a little pinched line, Dick Smith advises against this.

Step One

STEP TWO: Add some makeup

Dabbing a little pink makeup on top will make the scar look more realistic. If you have an even better collection of wound makeup, such as the Ben Nye trauma simulation wheel, you can make the scar even more vivid and realistic through careful shadowing and highlighting. Consult Dick Smith's books for tips.

Step Two

And that's it! You now have ghastly scars, and, if you apply over an even larger region of your face or body, what looks to be grotesque burn scars. The best part is making up stories about where the scars came from.

Here is Max's story about his scars!

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