Saturday, May 20, 2006

PROJECT FOUR: Weird Skin Texture

Weird Skin Texture

It's always fun to see what Dick Smith chooses for ingredients for his make-up in Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Make-Up. For example, in a chapter titled "Weird Skin Textures," he suggests combining liquid latex, which is the sort of thing that would mostly interest make-up artists, with bread crumbs, which is the sort of thing that would mostly interest pigeons malingering in a public park. But with these two items Dick smith comes up with this:

Dick Smith's Weird Skin Texture

So he must be on to something.

The process for making this is surprisingly simple. Basically, most of the work is done in two steps, as follows:

STEP ONE: Paint liquid latex on your face and stick bread crumbs to it

It's a good idea to have a plate or a pie tin below you to catch spare crumbs that will fall off your face.

Step One: Apply liquid latex and breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs

STEP TWO: Add more latex and breadcrumbs

At this point, you can really build up the facial features with the latex and bread crumbs. Be careful around the eyebrows and hairline, as liquid latex can tug quite a bit when it comes off. Let each layer dry before you add a new one. If you don't want a texture that is quite so thick, Dick Smith suggests using cracker meal.

Step Two: Continue layering liquid latex and breadcrumbs Weird skin texture

Liquid latex tends to dry pretty clear, which, combined with the bread crumbs, can produce a notably disgusting color. An alternative is to color the liquid latex with acrylic paint. Max and Courtney decided to color their latex grey, which made the resulting weird skin texture a somewhat uniform, and dark, color.

Step three: Add color to the latex if you like Entire face colored grey

STEP THREE: Apply makeup to the face

Courtney and Max followed Dick Smith's advice and gave the face a brown base with yellow highlight. They also rimmed Max's eyes in red to give them a sickly, infected quality.

Step Four: Add makeup

The best part of creating this weird skin texture out of liquid latex is that the entire thing can be removed and reused as a mask!

The best part!

Add a wig and a turtleneck and here's what the completed weird skin texture looks like:

The completed weird skin texture

See the weird skin texture in action!

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At 7:40 PM, Blogger Paul said...

My dad would have loved this! He loved creating movie monsters for Halloween.


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