Thursday, May 11, 2006


The Weird-Oh

The Weird-Oh is pretty far into Smith's book, but we decded we would start with it, as we like it. Smith based the design on a series of plastic models inspired by the cartoons of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, who was famous for illustrations of oversized, bug eyed monsters riding souped up hot rods.

Here's what Dick Smith's Weird-Oh looks like:

Dick Smith's Weird-Oh

STEP ONE: Paint the face

We started out with Courtney painting Max's face green, but for his mouth, which she painted a large black smile onto:

Step one: Apply face paint Completed face paint

STEP 2: Apply the mouth

The mouth was simply cut out of paper and glued to a smile-shaped cut-out of white netting, which was then colored black (in retrospect, we probably should have used some black nylon). It was then glued to Max's mouth with spirit gum.

Step Two: Weird-Oh Mouth

STEP THREE: Add the eyeballs

The eyeballs are made from a large white rubber ball that we cut in half and drew on with magic market, cutting small holes in the front so that Max could (sort-of) see through them. They were heavy, so we glued them over the eyes with liquid latex, which worked quite well. Courtney then painted around the eyes with black makeup, and also added eyesbrows and smile lines.

Step Three: Weird-Oh Eyeball Completed eyeballs

STEP FOUR: Add the nose

The nose was carved out of a tube of foam and glued on with spirit gum. It was also painted green. The costume was a helmet and a jump-suit, all bought for under $30 at an odds and ends store. And there you have it: The completed Weird-Oh.

Completed Weird-Oh

Now watch the Weird-Oh in action!

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Love that head. One of my favorite bands - The Didjits - used it on a two album covers.

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